Mission and Message

Be with the lost (Weekly and together if possible)

Oikos – Go to the people in your life who are far from God. Reach out to your sphere of influence, and also to each other’s.

  • Share the gospel with them.

  • Ask them to meetup once and learn a truth about God (discovery bible study).


HOP – House Of Peace search – to find more Oikos!

  • Go door to door and offer prayer (leave a tract if you like).

    • Share your 15-second testimony, and then share God’s story (3-circles is one way).

      • If a green light or a believer who wants training, set a follow-up to do 411.

      • If a yellow light, set a follow-up to do DBS.

      • If a red light, bless them and go to the next house.


Street/Event Evangelism – to find more Oikos!

  • Ask spiritual questions of people walking down public streets.

  • Attend public events.

  • Community service or charity (e.g. give out food and drink).