Living Fearless in the Storms of Life March 23, 2014 us consider five truths about the storms in your life:   1. You may have a plan & don’t see the coming storm It is natural to experience storms in your life. Jesus gathered His Disciples, “Let us go over to the other side.”                                                           (Mark 4:35-36) He clarified the destination, but didn’t mention that there was going to be a fierce storm in the middle of their journey.   Sea of Galilee: Sea of Galilee is 680 feet below sea level It is the lowest freshwater lake in the world         (Perspective: Sea of Galilee is 17X larger than Bomoseen) Near Golan Heights (Mt. Hermon is 9,230 feet high)           (Perspective: Killington is 4,235’ & Rutland is 648’ ASL) Cold air pours into the basin of hot air = turbulence Storms are violent and unexpected The storm was “furious” = hurricane force winds “Waves broke over the boat” = Waves were throwing themselves into the boat (larger fishing boat).     (Mark 4:37)   2. You can feel desperate and alone in your storm      a. The storm did not bother Jesus: Jesus was asleep in the back of the boat He is a picture of security and calmness He was either physically exhausted or resting in faith   b. The Disciples panicked: Some of the Disciples were career fisherman Imagine a fisherman asking a carpenter for help J To the Disciples, Jesus seemed unaware - unconcerned  The Disciples fearful for their lives cried out, “Don‘t You care if we drown?”             (Mark 4:38) 3. In reality, God is in control in your storm Jesus rebuked the wind and waves           (Mark 4:39-41) Command:  “Quiet! Be Still!” = “Be muzzled!” Jesus took the “bite” out of the storm. Could it be that Satan was trying to drown Jesus so He would not die on the cross as the Savior of the World? a. Results upon Nature: “The wind died down and it was completely calm”                                                           (Mark 4:39) b. Results upon the lives of the disciples: “They were terrified” = They feared a great fear                                       (Mark 4:40-41) FEAR = False  Evidence  Appearing  Real Evidences of Fear:  Anxiety, Indecision, Loneliness, Anger, Depression, Inferiority, Haughtiness, Control          4. Faith in Christ conquers your fear in the storm: Key:  Your faith is as strong as the object of faith is Q) What is the object of your faith? Job Stability?  Financial Portfolio?  Relationships?  Jesus? Level of Education?  Life Achievements?  ____________?   Q) If you were there, how could you have acted in faith?  You could have let Jesus sleep in the midst of the fierce storm because of two truths.  With Jesus in your boat:   a. The boat will not sink!   b. The storm will not last forever!   Jesus cares for you too: Sometimes He calms the raging sea Sometimes He calms the child in the raging sea   5. Others are watching your life with God in your storm There were others on the lake too            (Mark 4:36) Q) What is the storm in your life?  Health, Finances, Parenting, Relationships, Employment, Self-Doubt, Future Plans Q) What would others say about God based on how you are currently handling your storm?  ___________________
Interruptions with God—Don't Miss March 9, 2014 God allows interruptions and plans them for us. We need to adjust and learn from them.
Seeing with Insight March 2, 2014 The Blind man in this passage was able to see what others were blind to. As Christians, we need to speak up and tell others our faith story. This is especially impactful when we have had a true experience with God and when we are actively walking in a relationship with Him.
Asking Questions is OK February 23, 2014 It is OK to ask questions to continue growing in your faith. When you do, there is a shift to act in faith—even to the point of risking your life for the sake of Christ.
Gratitude Attitude February 16, 2014 This week we focus on being thankful and developing a Gratitude Attitude. Main points: Their Faith healed them. "As they went, they we cleansed" There is a an impact of a thankless life Have a Gratitude Attitude. "Be a 1 in 10" Video of Sarah Churman hearing for the first time
No Condemnation February 9, 2014 There is a big difference between saying "I'm sorry" and "asking for forgiveness". 4 Step process of Asking for Forgiveness: "I did..." "I admit that I was wrong" "Please forgive me for..." "I commit to not doing that again"
A Changed Life February 2, 2014 Steps to a changed life: Matthew was called to take Action Share your changed life to others Finish running the race
Be Responsible: No Blame—No Excuses January 26, 2014 Bethesda = “House of Grace” - A spring-fed pool with five covered porches where the sick (blind, lame, paralyzed) waited their turn to step into the stirring waters and be healed.   The man had been invalid for 38 years.     (John 5:1-6) His problem (invalid) had become a “way of life”. He was caught in a cycle of excuse giving He saw no options   Jesus asked him, “Do you want to get well?” Seems like an obvious “yes” answer But, the man did not answer Jesus’ question   1. Stop Blaming and making Excuses Invalid’s answer:  Blame, Excuses             (John 5:7) After 38 years his problem was a way of life: He doesn’t answer the question He goes right to blame and excuses He’s not responsible – “It is not my fault!” “I have no one to help me” Everyone else has someone to help them…   Q) When things go bad, how quick are we to blame someone or something for our situation or choices?  Check the excuses you may have used in your life: ___ I did not know – no one told me ___ It is not fair - they did it too ___ I was not ready – I was not prepared – I am too tired ___ I could not help it ___ My mom and dad, they……… ___ My boss… Note:  If I were Jesus I would have said to the man, “Excuse Me, you didn’t answer My question.  You gave Me excuses.  Let me clarify.  My question is, Do you want to get well?”   Q) What issue / challenge do you have in your life that you are denying responsibility for or blaming others for:   2. Today, Christ asks us, “Do you want to get well?”  Q) Do you really want Christ at work in your lives? The man – Invalid    -         need physical healing You / I - Hurt                   -         need inner healing          - Guilty        -         need forgiveness                   - Discouraged -         need courage                   - Arrogant    -         need humility                   - Fear of unknown - need trust                   - Unresolved conflict - need truth and peace                   - _____________ -    need ______________ Considering the above areas, circle the issue God wants to work on in your life.   3. First Healing of Jesus: Physical & Emotional “Jesus said to him, ‘Get up! Pick up your mat and walk’ At once he was cured; he picked up his mat and walked.”                                                           (John 5:8-9) Notice 1: Jesus does not even use the pool of Bethesda. Notice 2: Critics focus on breaking man’s rule not the miracle.   4. Second Healing of Jesus:           Spiritual The invalid could suddenly walk – what a miracle and joy! There was even a greater miracle of him being forgiven of sin.   “Later Jesus found him at the Temple and said to him, “See you are well again.  Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.  The man went away and told the Jews that it was Jesus who had made him well.”       (John 5:14-18)   Q) Take a quiet look at your life.  Are you in need of spiritual healing?  1. Tell the Lord what you have done.  2. Admit where you are wrong. 3. Ask His forgiveness.  4. Enjoy life.
The Voice January 12, 2014 Lives get changed when they come to Jesus.
Intentions January 5, 2014 Let us focus on making "Intentions" rather than New Years Resolutions.