Learn to Live in Today December 30, 2012
Seeking God Will Cost You December 23, 2012
Pray to be Fearless December 9, 2012
The Shield of Faith November 25, 2012
Breastplate of Righteousness November 18, 2012
Children's Role: Honor and Obey October 7, 2012 The emphasis is that children are to obey their parents when they live at home and then obey their parents for the rest of their lives.
Roles: Husbands Lead, Wives Submit September 23, 2012 The emphasis is on role of husbands and wives: Leading and submitting. I spend an amount of time on submission which is often perceived as a dirty word.
Understanding God's Will September 2, 2012 How to find God’s will for your life. How to make decisions. Getting away from “fleecing”.