Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child Packing Party

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November 11th

1:00pm at

                                     Calvary Bible Church


Doors Open at 1:00pm -  Come One, Come All!  Everyone is Welcome!  There is a task for anyone, any age who would like to participate!

What is this ministry?

The Operation Christmas Child (OCC) ministry collects shoe boxes filled with gifts and delivers them to children in need, literally, around the world,  Every one of these shoe box gifts is an opportunity for the Gospel to be shared.  In the hands of local churches around the world, it is a powerful tool for evangelism and discipleship.  Many shoe box recipients also enroll in our 12-lesson followup program, "The Greatest Journey".  Through this program they learn to follow Christ and share Him with others.

You can be a part of this world-wide ministry to grow the Kingdom of God even in places where the Gospel has never been heard.

Ideas for items to donate for inside a gift shoe box:

stickers, small puzzle, lego, pens, pencils, sharpeners, crayons, markers, paper, small cars/trucks, balls, doll, kazoo, harmonica, yo-yo, jump rope, toothbrush (no toothpaste though), comb/brush, tshirt, socks, flip flops, ball cap, sunglasses, hair accessories, etc...

This Is How You Can Participate:

  • Pack A Shoebox: Bring the items you have purchased and join with the group and pack your shoe box(es) together.  You can also help pack shoe boxes with the items that have been donated. It is great fun!
  • Drop Off Gifts:  If you have purchased items and would like our team to pack a box for you, or if you have just a few items to donate....stop by and drop them off.
  • Sponsor a Shoe Box:  The cost for each shoe box to be shipped and cover project costs associated with the wide scope of this ministry is $9.00 per shoe box.
  • Prayer:  Pray for the children who will receive the shoe box gift; for the OCC ministry; for our local team organizing the collection event.
  • Volunteer during the week of November 13th:  Calvary will be open to receive shoe boxes from other churches during the week of November 13th; talk to Mary Shields about volunteering.

Did you know that Calvary is the Southern and Western Vermont collection hub for Operation Christmas Child (OCC) shoeboxes. We will collect more than 5,000 shoeboxes next week.

Collection days are Monday, November 13 - Monday, November 20th.  Churches and people from all over these areas will be dropping off their boxes to Calvary and we then ship them to the National location in Boone, So. Carolina.

The following items should NOT be included in shoe boxes:

Food items, candy/chocolate, toothpaste, used or damaged items, war-themed items (toy guns, knives, military figurines), seeds, liquids, lotions, medications or vitamins, breakable items, glass containers or aerosol cans.