Sunday, January 5th, 2014 "Intentions"

New Years Resolutions…don’t work.

Let’s rethink the concept.


4 Kinds of Life Plans:

#1.  “No” Plan – spontaneous

  • “I don’t know”
  • “Let’s see what happens”
  • Life is controlled by the events of life


#2. “Full” Plan – totally scheduled

  • Nothing left to risk
  • No allowances for deviation from the plan
  • Problem is when trauma comes or unplanned event happens everything comes to a halt


#3. “Service” Plan – serve others’ interests

  • Do whatever is asked of you by others
  • Wait to be asked or told what to do
  • Challenge of coinciding requests
  • Can get frustrated by lack of thankfulness
  • Can become exhausted in serving too much


#4. “Intentional” Plan – life of intentional choices

a. Know yourself...Like yourself…Be yourself


   Q) What strengths do you bring?  What do you desire?

     Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart.”                     (Psalms 37:4)


b. Make specific and measurable intentions

10 Focus Areas:  (Try choosing intentions for these areas)

     Career, Educational, Emotional, Financial, Health, Household Systems, Leisure/Vacation, Ministry/Spiritual, Relational/Communication Skills, Service

ex. Paul had travel plans:          (Romans 15:23-33)

  • He was writing from Corinth, Greece
  • about bringing a financial gift to Jerusalem.
  • He planned on visiting believers in Rome
  • on way to preach the Gospel in Spain.

Note:  Paul went to Rome as a prisoner. There is no record of him traveling to Spain (western edge of the known world)


c. Consider the cost:

  • What is the cost to do this?
  • What is the cost to NOT do this?
  • What difference will this make 100 years from now?


d. Anticipate challenges and adjust plan

  • Seek wise godly counsel
  • Be prepared to adjust to life’s “curve balls”:  sickness, financial challenges, time pressures,


God does not close a “door” without opening a “window

Ex. Second Missionary Journey           (Acts 16:6-10)

  • Paul traveled through (southern Turkey - Asia)
  • Holy Spirit prevented Paul from preaching in (Turkey)
  • They tried to enter (northern Turkey) but the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them to go
  • During the night Paul had a vision of a man begging him  “to come over to (Greece – Europe) and help us
  • Paul got ready to leave immediately
  • He “concluded that God had called them to preach the gospel to the (Greeks).”


Note: This sensitivity and obedience of Paul to the Holy Spirit’s guidance impacts our influence by the Good News today!



Action Step: 10 Intentions in 90 Days

  1. Take the sheet and choose “10 Intentions in 90 days”
  2. Collaborate efforts with team, spouse or family
  3. Show friend your 10 Intentions
  4. Celebrate successes along the way




What are the intentions that you most want to set for the next 90 days? Please select only those intentions that you really want… not the ones you should, could or might want.  Pray first; then write down your 10 intentions. When you set the right intentions for yourself, you should feel excited, a little nervous, ready and willing to go for it!


Don’t select the goals that you historically have chosen, but never reached, unless you’re in a much better position to reach them now. If you are married, you may want to select several intentions that you would like to achieve together.


10 Focus Areas:  (You may want to choose intentions from several of these areas.)

     Career, Educational, Emotional, Financial, Health, Household Systems, Leisure/Vacation, Ministry/Spiritual, Relational/Communication Skills, Service


Start Finish         

Date  Date            Specific Measurable Intentions                           Completed


____    ____    1.   _______________________________________________       ____________


____    ____    2.   _______________________________________________       ____________


____    ____    3.   _______________________________________________       ____________


____    ____    4.   _______________________________________________       ____________


____    ____    5.   _______________________________________________       ____________


____    ____    6.   _______________________________________________       ____________


____    ____    7.   _______________________________________________       ____________


____    ____    8.   _______________________________________________       ____________


____    ____    9.   _______________________________________________       ____________


____    ____    10. _______________________________________________       ____________



What are the personal benefits to you in accomplishing these Intentions?


  • __________________________________________________________________


  • __________________________________________________________________


  • __________________________________________________________________


  • __________________________________________________________________


“Experience the Clarity of a Life with Focus On Purpose

Dave and Dawn Lind, Rutland, Vermont