Prayer for Schwiebert's Serving in Ghana

Van & Lauren Schwiebert are currently serving in Ghana, Africa with Global Health Outreach until August 5th. The team would appreciate your prayers during their time there. 

The following are their prayer requests:

  • Pray for safety, both for them and their team as they travel in country and home in a week.
  • Pray they are ready physically and spiritually each day to meet the challenges that await them.
  • Pray for their health.
  • Pray they would lead people to Christ.
  • Pray that the team will continue to coalesce to be of one spirit as they serve.
  • Pray for the pastors and church leaders, some of whom travel far to serve as translators for them.
  • Pray for Alex Papi Azi, a young man they have supported financially and with prayer 2007. Twice, Alex has undergone major surgery to remove horrific, disfiguring tumors on his feet. The skin grafts have all failed, the tumors have grown back and Alex faces probable amputations of his lower legs. 

Van & Lauren will meet with Alex and his surgeon while they are in Ghana. 

Please pray daily! They need our prayers!

If you are interested in supporting Global Health Outreach, please send monetary donations to:

Global Health Outreach

504 Jonesboro Road

Bristol, TN 37620

Thank you for your prayers!