A Journey with Some of my Heros

As we take off for Germany I can’t help but be filled with excitement and expectation about what our Lord is about to do in and thru this amazing group of student ministers.  As a youth leader I have never been more proud than I am right now of these men and women of God.  They have chosen to embark on a journey to a distant land where they will be stretched, challenged, and changed. A journey where they don’t know the language beyond a rudimentary level, a journey filled with more questions than answers, and a journey to a country that is ripe for a heavenly harvest. 

They go not with their own agenda but rather with a desire to be used by a loving and caring God who believes that they are worthy of the call He has placed on their lives as disciples of Christ.  These warriors understand that He has created them for a purpose and they are determined to live out this call no matter the cost. These men and women epitomize what Christian Endeavor stands for, pleads for, and longs for. What is this you ask? Simply this: He is longing for us to unleash His students by believing in them, equipping them, empowering them, and then getting out of their way! 

Joining this movement of God will change your life, ministry, and future. More importantly it will change His Church by giving our students a present day ministry that will contribute to kingdom growth while strengthening students to maintain a true faith well beyond their teen years! I am proud to serve alongside these students as we stand for Christ and the power of His resurrection! Will you join me?