August 11, 2013 Sermon Recap: "Contagious Faith of a Father and Son"

Q) How well are you passing on your faith?

Mark #1. Be available at any time for God.

When God calls, Abraham responds, "Here I am." (Gen. 22:1, 11)

Q) Am I available and willing for God to use me today?

Mark #2. Live immediate obedience toward God.

God gives a very tough command to Abraham, yet "early the next morning" Abraham was about the task. (Gen. 22:2-3)

All great ideas deteriorate to hard work - so take action!

Note: This is the first time "love" is mentioned in the Bible. This love is between a father and son - a sacrificial love.

Mark #3. Exercise "Resurrection" Faith in vision choices.

Abraham states boldly in faith that, "we will go over there, we will worship and we will come back to you." (Gen. 22:4-5)

A dad's confidence would be vital to keep his child fearless.

"By faith Abraham, when God tested him, offered Isaac as a sacrifice...Abraham reasoned that God could raise the dead, and figuratively speaking, he did receive Isaac back from death." (Hebrews 11:17-19)

Mark #4. Take a faith walk together (2x2)   (Gen. 22:6-8)

Q) Isaac carried the wood, while his father carried the knife and fire. Why didn't Isaac panic regarding the sacrifice?

A) His father modeled faith that God Himself would provide. 

Encourage your team/others to ask the tough questions.

Mark #5. Do the next thing - do the hard thing.

Abraham built an altar, arranged the wood, bound his son and laid him on top of the wood.  (Gen. 22:9)

As a teenager, Isaac could have run but he trusted his dad.

Mark #6. Surrender your dream to receive God's Big Dream  (Gen. 22:10-12)

God desires to be #1 in our lives, ahead of our career, sports, finances, education, friends, children and even our mate.

Q) What/who do you need to surrender?

Mark #7. Look for a way (from God) when there is no way.

Often at the last minute God will provide the resources, skills and time to accomplish His plan.  (Gen. 22:13-14)

  • In the case of Christ, God took His life for our substitute.
  • In the case of Isaac, he lived as God took a substitute.

Mark #8. Be willing to flex your plan when God reveals His.

Abraham was not stubborn; he listened to God and changed his plan when he saw a better way.  (Gen. 22:13)

Mark #9. Realize that God desires us to win in His tests.  (Gen. 22:1, 12-13)

Difference between a tempt and a test:

  • Tempt: a situation in order to make us fail or fall (Satan).
  • Test:    a situation in order to make us succeed (God).

Mark #10. Celebrate wins/victories together.   (Gen. 22:15-19)

Imagine how many times this father/son team would tell of being willing to have "risk it all" faith and God's timely provision.

Q) Describe how you could take a "faith walk" with one of your children.