A Case for the Cause!

This past weekend I was blessed to spend time with an amazing group of students who understand what it means to fight for the cause of Christ.  A small group of intrepid Kingdom Warriors from our church traveled to Washington DC to attend the Dare2Share GAMEDAY event orchestrated by Greg Stier and his amazing team!  It was a tremendous blessing to see so many young people embracing their call to be modern day revolutionaries for the cause above all causes.

As I sat there among these mighty young men and women of God I found myself moved to tears as so many of them accepted the very real challenge to commit to sharing the Gospel with their friends.  It would be almost impossible to share all that happened in DC this weekend but here are three short bullet points from our experience that I believe sum up all that the Lord used Greg and His team (Propaganda, Zane, Brenton Brown, Debbie Bresina, John Musil, et al.) to accomplish:

  1. New Beginnings!  We had a student who has been hampered in her evangelism because she has not been “all in” for Jesus.  During the weekend I was blessed to hold this fine young lady in my arms as she wept sweet tears of repentance and found her identity in Christ once more.  This was not a young lady who has “horrible sin” in her life but one who has turned aside from compromise and laid at the foot of the cross her own desires as she decided to take up His cause without abandon.
  2. A chance to fail!  During the “hands on” evangelism time at the Potomac Mills Mall we had a student who was brought to his knees by a failure in preparation.  This student experienced rejection and missed opportunity that was due to a flawed approach on his part.  He had done this type of thing many times with some great success but this day was different because he forgot to pray and put it all in the Hands of Christ.  What a blessing to see this fine young man moved to tears and filled with a passion to never again think more of himself than His message!  In short, he got it and will live differently because of this experience.
  3. Great practical evangelism training!  The wonderful G.O.S.P.E.L. approach, Life in Six Words, and the practicality of the three steps back in order to allow four steps forward in our approach was dynamite!!  (See http://www.dare2share.org/ for more info)  Our students felt empowered and trained to walk into their schools yesterday with new tools to bring forth the bold message of the person of Jesus Christ and the truth about salvation and eternal life!

If you are on the fence about attending an upcoming GAMEDAY event I want to challenge you to make this training ministry of Dare2Share a priority.  This will be one of the best investments you will make in your ministry this year.  Not only will you love the dramas, the worship, the speakers, and the games you will see students with a renewed passion to further His kingdom and to walk a life worthy of their calling!